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Recipe for Royal Icing!

Hello again and welcome to another step-by-step tutorial here at Aprende Libre!

To compliment our disposable cone tutorial we will be learning how to create Royal Icing. This is a multi-purpose icing that we will later be using to decorate cookies.

Disposable cones for icing!

Welcome to our first lesson here on Aprende Libre!

Today we will be learning how to make disposable paper cones. These cones will serve many purposes, but will be primarily used for applying icing to cookies or cakes.

Welcome to Aprende Libre!

Welcome to Aprende Libre!

This blog will be focused on providing our students with easy access to our step-by-step tutorials detailing the creation and design of various edible sugar-based works of art.

All are welcome. If you're just starting out, you'll find the most basic tutorials to help guide you on your way to expertise. Conversely, if you're already an advanced student, you won't be left out; there will be tutorials that will help you hone your skills as you continue to master your artistic pursuits.

Below you will find a short video with more details about the project. Additionally, you can browse the tabs on the nagivation bar above to learn a little bit more about us and our staff!