• María Laura Cristiano (Born in Argentina, currently located in the Dominican Republic): Maria Laura Cristiano has 21 years of experience in the art of sugar modeling. She is a graduate of OSCUS, an institute in Argentina dedicated to a wide range of activities. After years of practice, she began to travel to different cities in the U.S. in an effort to improve her craft. She was awarded with the Gold Medal of The New York Guild of Chefs, Inc. Another Gold Medal was later awarded to her, this time by the Societe Culinaire Philantropique. Additional honors were granted by the Societe at the time, as well.
Maria Laura is also licensed as a Professional training Instructor (INFOTEP ISO-9001:2000).
Today she's dedicated to teaching, as she continues to hone her skills and further her artistic pursuits.

  • Chef Graciela Castelar (U.S.A.) Born in Uruguay. She is a devoted artist specializing in the areas of: sweets, breads, pastries and cake decoration, having more than 20 years of experience under her belt. She is a graduate of the Beatriz Marino's Institute for High Gastronomy. Nearly a decade ago she brought her skills to the United States, where she currently teaches and runs her own catering business.

  • Paola Russo (Spain) Born in Argentina. She's a Professional Agronomical Engineer. Paola's artistic drive includes activities such as: painting on canvas, ceramics, polymer clay, soft doll, etc. Other interests include: knitting, crochet, and dressmaking. In 1994 she was first introduced to cold porcelain. Later, she completed a flower design and modeled figures course. In 2003, during a visit to her homeland, she began taking more specialized classes taught by a graduate from Leticia Suarez del Cerro's School. Since 2005, she's been dedicated to attending and organizing exhibitions in Toledo. She not only performs her calling for a living, but also passes this wonderful art on to others; she teaches children, teenagers and adults in different cities in Spain.

  • Gladys Amato (Argentina) will be in charge of site moderation, as well as the technological and organization aspects of the project. 

  • Gloria Ochoa (Mexico) will be in charge of site moderation, as well as logistics and several aspects of project management.